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FV Interview – Mgh (English Version)

Last time we published an interview with Chris from TwoSyncFIFA and now we’ve got another Youtuber: Mgh. Matt, what his real name is, plays FIFA and posts his videos on his channel. The most videos are from his career on FIFA, currently a career with Arsenal. We asked him some questions about FIFA, himself and football.

1. When did you start playing FIFA?

FIFA 97 was the first game I played – I was hooked right away!

2. Which player is your all-time favourite in FIFA and why?

I have quite a few, but Henry, Ronaldinho & Pirlo would be my top 3.

3. What was your favourite Career Mode to do on YouTube and why?

Every year I start with an Arsenal Career Mode, they are always my favourites. However recently my Bournemouth one was really good fun!

4. What do you think of the Dutch talents in FIFA?

The Dutch league in general have some very good players, especially the wingers! Some of my favourite young players play in the Dutch league!

5. Did you ever have a Career Mode with a Dutch team?

Not on YouTube (yet!) but I have played many PSV & Ajax Career Modes on Streams in the past.

6. Since the arrival of FUT in FIFA, Career Mode wasn’t the main thing in FIFA anymore. Does that make it harder for you as an YouTuber?

I would definitely say it’s harder to grow and get your channel ‘out there’ when uploading Career Mode – but it’s steadily getting more and more popular.

7. In FIFA 16 there are some new features in Career Mode, such as pre-season tournaments & player training. Do you think this will have a big impact on Career Mode?

I have played FIFA 16 quite a bit already, and both the Training & Pre-Season features are fantastic. They will definitely bring a new level of realism & fun!

8. As an YouTuber you made an appearence at the Wembley Cup among other FIFA-players. What kind of feeling gave it to you to play at a pitch where many great stars like Lionel Messi have played?

It was truly incredible, a day I will never forget. It was a once in a lifetime opportunity and I am so grateful I was able to do something to special.

9. YouTube is one of the greatest social media platforms we know and has a lot of youngsters at their network. Do you have any tips for the people who want to start a YouTube Channel and maybe even become as your channel?

The best advice I can offer to someone aspiring to be a ‘YouTuber’ is to be yourself, and have fun with it. If you have fun, people will have fun watching it!

10. If you weren’t making videos on YouTube, what would you be doing now?

I have always been an avid gamer, so I would have probably got involved in the Gaming industry somehow – maybe as a developer!

11. Football/Soccer isn’t as great as in your country. When we have The Eredivisie, you have the Barclays Premier League. Do you know anything about the Dutch competition?

Unfortunately the Dutch league doesn’t get much coverage over here, so it’s quite difficult to follow all the matches. I always check up the league standings online to see how it’s going though! I know how passionate the fans are.

12. However the transfer period hasn’t ended yet and some players will still move to other clubs, there have been some huge transfers in the world of football. Which player will in your opinion have the greatest impact at their new club.

There have been some huge signings so far – one that comes to mind right away is Depay to Manchester United! Cech to Arsenal is another big one.

13. What is the most memorable match you ever attended?

Unfortunately it’s not for a good reason, but I was at Stamford Bridge and watch Chelsea demolish my beloved Arsenal 6-0. It was a memorable day that’s for sure!

14. You are a fan of Arsenal, what do you expect from them this year?

I expect us to be much closer to Chelsea, who I think will win the league again this season. I also expect us to go further in the Champions League – and maybe win the FA Cup for the 3rd time in a row!